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Paragon Pictures focuses to acquire powerful, moving, and innovative Independent and Foreign Feature films for theatrical distribution. Through established relationships, independent financing and distribution channels, Paragon is quickly establishing itself as a creative financing entity.

As a boutique label, we can work closely with filmmakers and producers to craft the right marketing campaign for their film and bring on a specialized and targeted team to market it theatrically.

Paragon Pictures is set up to maximize opportunities within the rapidly changing face of the entertainment business, through the distribution channels focused on Video on Demand and emerging digital delivery platforms.

We are dedicated to connecting independent films with the audiences that are craving content beyond what's being offered to them.

The company is focused on seeking the maximum profitability around the release of films through new and innovative distribution models and alternative financing mechanisms.

The company seeks to acquire rights on movies in genres with proven commercial success, an identifiable audience and a compelling "hook" and marketing opportunity.

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