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Academy Award® Winner Melissa Leo shines in Bottled Up, a moving drama about a mother struggling to cope with her daughter's addiction.

Fay's (Leo, Prisoners) world revolves around grown daughter Sylvie (Marin Ireland, Hope Springs) who, months after a car accident, still complains of being in constant pain. After refusing physical therapy it becomes clear to everyone but Fay that Sylvie is addicted to pain killers.

When earnest environmentalist Becket (Josh Hamilton, The Bourne Identity) moves to town, matchmaker Fay quickly befriends him, hoping that he might raise Sylvie's spirits. As Becket finds himself further intertwined in their lives, he inadvertently helps Fay realize the depth of her daughter's problem, while falling for the older of the women. When Fay's hand is forced she must decide whether to enable her daughter's addiction or find the happiness that she has long denied herself.

Title: Bottled Up

Run Time: 84 min.

Production Year: 2013

Rating: R

Language: English

Origin: USA

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